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Morning Dew Equalizer/Buffer Morning Dew Equalizer/Buffer Morning Dew Equalizer/Buffer

What's that you say? Just what you've been looking for? Well, we'd like to think so. The Morning Dew, with three simple controls (Bass, Middle, Treble), hosts a plethora of tonal options to squeeze just the right tones out of all your guitars, pedals and amps. But that's not all, friends, and here's where it gets a little confusing: when the Morning Dew is off (that is to say, when the equalizer portion (LED) is off), a stand-alone high-fidelity op-amp based buffer kicks into action. Don't worry, when the equalizer porition is on it buffers your signal in the same manner. This buffering action is not to be confused with cheap buffered bypasses, this one takes your wimpy high impedance guitar signal and turns it into an active low impedance one that keeps your high and low end intact through all your effects and cable runs. Forget tone sucking... this, uh, blows your tone! What?! You don't want a buffered signal? Good thing the Dew has a first-of-its-kind switchable bypass. Just flick a switch inside and enjoy true bypass operation. So, if you need sparkle, thump, mid cut/hump, ultra-clean boost, or just a good time, call, I mean, buy one today!

Construction Details

  • Meticulously Built by Hand One at a Time
  • Genuine Hammond Diecast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Super Slick High Gloss Paint by SwankBox!
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Pro Milled Double Sided PCB with Plate Through Holes, Ground Fills & 2oz Copper w/ Extra Wide Traces Designed By Francisco Peña
  • Metal Film Resistors
  • Panasonic Metal Film and Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Alpha Potentiometers
  • High Fidelity Audio ICs
  • Switchcraft Enclosed Jacks
  • 2.1mm "Boss Style" 9V Jack
  • Premium, Fully Enclosed Battery Snap
  • Davies Molded Knobs
  • Beautiful Amber LED
  • 22 AWG Teflon Silver Strand Wire
  • German Made WBT 4% Fine Silver Solder

Morning Dew



The last of the Dews are gone and no more will ever be produced or sold. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Dew along the way!

Every once in a while you run into one of those tone gems that has an amazing impact on your sound and even how you play. In my opinion, this is one of those gems ... a diamond in fact.Dan Robins

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